Why Destination Urban

Destination Urban is a unique tourist agency located in Zagreb (Croatia); and we specialize in “urban adventures”! We think that every experience is a form of exploration!

Let us explain:

We are a group of young people , friends to be exact, who love to travel, and have a special hobby called URBAN EXPLORATION. Often shortened as urbex or UE is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins that were once important and in use. It all started because of our three friends who are the first croatian urbex team called – Croatia infiltration.

During the years they have visited around 120 locations, but not only in Croatia. Some of the locations have been destroyed, and in some cases the photos they took were the last that will ever be taken…

The rise in the popularity of urban exploration can be attributed to its increased media attention. The guys from Croatia Infiltration also got some of that attention. First Croatian documentary series about urban exploration is following them on their weekly adventures into the unknown.

 So although Croatia is known for a lot of attractive wellknown places (Plitvice Lakes, Velebit, Dubrovnik…); we as a tourist agency would also like to show you some secret places hidden from plain sight.

Your daily adventures will be supervised and lead by experienced adventurers and explorers; making an emphasis on outdoor and nature activities, as well as underground abandoned military complexes. Places that we will visit , most likely won´t be restored, so we want to „save“ those places and building in a forme of a memory and pictures from our guests.

 We follow the Urbex code- “Take Nothing But Photos, Leave Nothing But Footprints…” , and you will follow it also if you join us and let us take you on an adventure you will never forget!

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