Underground Zagreb & Medvedgrad Castle

Abandoned bunkers, hospital & castle

 While you walk through the center of Zagreb, or any other place for that matter, you aren’t always aware of the things you pass by. Our tour will give you a sense of the things you’re missing – and not only you, but the local people to. Those places were forgotten by time itself.

 The idea is to get people interested in urban exploring, a sort of human curiosity towards abandoned and forgotten places. Have you ever wondered what was behind that wall you pass by every day? Well…. Why don’t you go and see? We will give you all the necessary equipment needed to become and Urban Explorer for a day, and it is up to you and your imagination to see the rest.

Medvednica hill is a beautiful place to spend a few hours (even a whole day!), but it holds many secrets.Traveling with us for a few hours will take you on a exciting ride through the past, from the 750 year old castle watching over the city, to deep underground facilities that were built to watch over the whole state.

 Here’s a little bit about the places that you will be visiting:


Markuševac tunnels

The Markuševac underground tunnel systems are two of three underground facilities situated on Medvednica hill. They represent a forgotten time when the military closed up a parts of the current Medvednica Nature Park, and built large underground weapon storage.

Even local people do not know where the tunnels are exactly, and many aren’t even aware that such underground facilities exist only 20 min away from the center of Croatia’s capital city.

Local legends say that the tunnels are as old as the 1940-s, but if you choose to come with us to visit the place, we are sure you can help us locate some artefacts that will shed light on a time long past.


The Brestovec sanatorium was built in the beginning of the 20st century, and received its first patients in 1909. It was one of the first places that was specialized in tuberculosis treatment.

We will give you the opportunity to walk through the ruins of the place, and give you a brief history. This “location” is truly a fascinating one, and will give you an idea how Mother Nature works to regain what is hers... brick by brick…. Day by day.

But as all things, the sanatorium has a back-story - love story , and if you want to know why and how one person built the sanatorium, just to get attention from the love of his life- well… you’ll need to join us on a short adventure.


Zrinski mines (available only on Saturdays and Sundays)

The Zrinski mine started to operate in the 16th century, and were closed in the 17th century. They are now refurbished and open to the public. They are not at all “high-tech” as the Markuševac tunnels, but will give you an insight how mining looked like in the 16-17th century. Not a very safe workplace.

The Zrinski Mines were registered as the protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia in 2006. With deep respect to the generations of miners and their achievements we invite you to visit their mine and discover a fraction of their secrets.


On the southern slope of Medvednica, at the top of the hill Mali Plazur, nests a picturesque medieval castle which has been watching over Zagreb for eight centuries.

It was built in 1254, after the catastrophic invasion of Tartars who had raided and devastated this area, burning and razing to the ground the two settlements now included in Zagreb: the burgher’s Gradec and the bishop’s Kaptol.

Even though magnificently fortified and always ready for battle, Medvedgrad was never attacked. On the contrary, the lords of Medvedgrad were often terrorizing neighboring villages. The most notorious of them were the counts of Celje. Even today the scary stories about the countess Barbara of Celje – the ill-famed Black Queen – circulate among the villages at the foot of the mountain.

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